We invite you to view our yearling draft at any time to suit your convenience. Sedgefield has another good representation & other notable stallions with youngsters on offer are Holy Roman Emperor, Bahamian Bounty, Lilbourne Lad, Kodiak Kowboy, Where’s The Ring and Hymn.

For photographs & pedigrees of individual yearlings or any other details you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to having you over at the farm.

1 Adams Law (ch c, Apr 15, by Sedgefield[USA]) SWEET AUBURN
2 Aletheia (b c, Mar 18, by Hymn[IRE]) AMOURETTE
3 Alsaabeqa[USA] (ch c, Mar 27, by Sedgefield[USA]) SPICEBOX
4 Arcola[IRE] (ch c, Mar 18, by Sedgefield[USA]) STERLING LOVE
5 Belligerent (b c, Mar 6, by Sedgefield[USA]) OUR LIZ
6 Blitz Kiss[USA] (b c, Mar 31, by Sedgefield[USA]) MAGNOLIA
7 Blue Jay (b c, Feb 5, by Hymn[IRE]) PERVERSE
8 Blue Ridges[IRE] (b c, Mar 31, by Sedgefield[USA]) SIMON’S SHOES
9 Bulan[USA] (b f, Jan 31, by Sedgefield[USA]) BRULETTE
10 Bumper To Bumper[USA] (ch c, May 11, by Sedgefield[USA]) ORIENTA
11 Castle Beauty (b f, Jan 27, by Sedgefield[USA]) GONDOLETTE
12 Clicquot[USA] (b c, Mar 6, by Holy Roman Emperor) DONNETTA
13 Code Red (b f, Mar 31, by Hymn[IRE]) VALKYR
14 Delectable Baby (b f, Mar 14, by Hymn[IRE]) CHARM
15 Dixie Dahlin[USA] (b f, Feb 19, by Sedgefield[USA]) NELLIE FLAG
16 Dream Dance[GB] (b f, Mar 18, by Hymn[IRE]) ERYHOLME
17 Evening Tale[IRE] (ch c, Feb 28, by Sedgefield[USA]) SWEETHEART
18 Fabulous Fortune (b c, Feb 12, by Sedgefield[USA]) PRETTY POLLY
19 Fort Knox (ch f, Feb 15, by Sedgefield[USA]) CHELANDRY
20 Friendly (ch c, Feb 18, by Sedgefield[USA]) OUR LIZ
21 High Humor[USA] (ch c, Jun 13, by Sedgefield[USA]) FLAMING TOP
22 Jocelyn (b c, Mar 6, by Sedgefield[USA]) PENNY FORFEIT
23 Kanthara (b f, Feb 26, by Hymn[IRE]) UVIRA
24 La Nina (ch f, Feb 14, by Sedgefield[USA]) GALOPADE
25 Lost Perfection[USA] (ch f, Mar 11, by Sedgefield[USA]) MISS CHANTREY
26 Masara[USA] (b c, Feb 26, by Hymn[IRE]) ORMONDA
27 Night Dancer[IRE] (b c, Jan 28, by Hymn[IRE]) PRETTY POLLY
28 Pampered Princess (ch f, Feb 26, by Sedgefield[USA]) SAMOVAR
29 Pickwick Papers[GB] (b c, Feb 26, by Hymn[IRE]) PALOTTA
30 Precision (ch f, Feb 11, by Sedgefield[USA]) SWEET WALL[NSB]
31 Ramatni[GB] (b f, Mar 29, by Whatsthescript[IRE]) QUEEN OF THE MAY
32 Run Withthe Spirit[USA] (ch c, Feb 22, by Sedgefield[USA]) LOUISE T.
33 Saa’ida[IRE] (ch f, Feb 2, by Sedgefield[USA]) SOURYVA
34 Saffron (ch c, Mar 30, by Sedgefield[USA]) BLUE FILLY
35 Scarlet Slipper[USA] (b f, Mar 7, by Hymn[IRE]) VALKYR
36 Sinai[IRE] (ch c, Mar 7, by Sedgefield[USA]) VOLEUSE
37 Skipperess[USA] (gr c, Mar 17, by Sedgefield[USA]) NELLIE FLAG
38 Slam Strike[USA] (ch f, Jan 25, by Sedgefield[USA]) ENID
39 Spina Christi[IRE] (ch f, Apr 6, by Sedgefield[USA]) SERENISSIMA
40 Spiritual Hymn (ch f, Mar 15, by Sedgefield[USA]) ETOILE FILANTE
41 Sublimely Single[USA] (b c, Mar 14, by Hymn[IRE]) ANN INNIS
42 Sunwing[IRE] (ch c, Jan 26, by Sedgefield[USA]) CREDENDA
43 Sweet Essence[USA] (b c, Feb 13, by Sedgefield[USA]) MAYONAISE
44 Unrestrained[USA] (gr c, Mar 2, by Hymn[IRE]) FLAMBETTE
45 Willow Point[USA] (b f, Apr 30, by Sedgefield[USA]) STITCH


About Jai Govind Stud

Jai Govind Stud today has come a long way from its small beginnings.It was set up by(Late)Th. Lt. Col.Govind Singh Khuri(VrC) after his retirement from the Indian Armed FForces in the early 80\'s with the three mares & one stallion on 20 Acres of land.

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